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ANGEL'S GARDEN: Sensitive Care Ampullen, 7x2ml

ANGEL'S GARDEN: Sensitive Care Ampullen, 7x2ml

The ampoule makes beautiful, redness recedes very quickly, and a special liposomal compound gives the skin long-term protection and wrinkles are reduced. At the same time, the skin is supplied with selectively effective active ingredients for regeneration and wrinkle reduction. You will see this positively after one application and the client will be able to feel it. A welcome calming cure - not only for stressed skin. It has been specially developed for people whose skin is easily or frequently prone to inflammatory reactions. The reasons, whether this is caused by environmental influences or by predisposition, do not play a role in the success of the treatment. Here the microflora is often already so damaged that foreign germs have easy access and can multiply explosively. Can be applied up to the edge of the eyelid and is not only suitable for stressed skin.

Important ingredients:
Yeast proteins, milk proteins, liposomes with anti-inflammatory properties, marine collagen, calendula, Asian pennywort, panthenol, glycyrrhetinic acid, special rose extract. Contains minimal amount of gentle preservative for transport protection of highly sensitive liposomes. Reaction to any of these excipients is not expected in any case of skin care treatment.

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Angel's Garden is wonderfully versatile and individually applicable. For every age and every skin type. From everything that paradise has to offer us, the most effective and compatible ingredients have been combined in such a way that users will be delighted. Angel's Garden can be seen as a balancer that supports the positive germs and keeps the negative germs in check - in other words, an optimal symbiosis, or, to put it perhaps very simply: Just as special yogurt cultures have a positive effect on the intestines, Angel's Garden works optimally for skin regeneration. If, after a long search, you have finally found what your skin has been longing for, then treat yourself to the fine, exclusive feel-good program.

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