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Hair Stimulus

Hair Stimulus - New hair roots through microneedling? 

Microneedling against hair loss was discovered by accident by doctors. Doctors have noticed that new hair roots can grow around scarred tissue. Scientific studies confirm this phenomenon.

“If small injuries are inflicted on the scalp by microneedling, this has a positive effect on hair growth, hair density and hair thickness. The additional use of growth boosters enhances these effects.”

Needles leave small injuries within the uppermost skin layers. Through the body's own self-healing processes, new skin structures are formed from healthy stem cells. Blood circulation, cell growth and cell renewal are stimulated, existing roots are intensively supplied and new hair follicles can develop. 

Studies show that an additional supply of active ingredients strengthens and accelerates the hair revitalization process. In the course of Hair Stimulus Treatment an active ingredient essence specially formulated for Gaube cosmetics (Gaube Hair Stimulus) is introduced into the scalp, which acts directly in the hair follicle and optimally supports the growth process of new follicles. After the treatment, a hair oil (Stimulus Hair Home Care Elixier) in combination with an active shampoo (Stimulus Hair Shampoo) ensures optimal blood circulation and nourishment.


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