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Application overview:

1. Gaube Desi-Spray

Before pigmentation or pigment removal (tattoo or PMU removal) begins, the Desi-Spray is sprayed onto the treated skin surface for the purpose of germ reduction. This is the ideal way to prepare the PH value of the skin surface. After removing the protective cap, hold the opening of the spray head at a distance of approx. 6 - 10 cm to the area to be treated and press the spray button. Then allow the product to work for at least 60 seconds. The treatment can then begin. Desi Spray does not need to be wiped off.

 Gaube Remake Gel (20% Lactic Acid) /Gaube Remake Gel STRONG (30% Lactic Acid)

The Gaube Remake Gel causes the color particles to be dissolved and immediately repelled to the skin surface. No residues remain in the body, as the pigments leave the body via the skin surface. For fading or perfecting PMU and body tattoos.

Only available after completion of the GAUBE colour and correction seminar. Note: We always recommend our customers to consult a doctor for this!

 3. Gaube Medi Gel

After pigment brightening (tattoo or PMU), the Gaube Medi Gel is applied to the treated skin area to calm the skin. The gel should be applied very thickly and not massaged in. Let the product work for at least 40 seconds. Medi Gel does not need to be wiped off. It also provides special support for herpes, athlete's foot, allergic rashes or eczema.

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